Friday, June 28, 2013

Training Sunny

I have been able to work with Sunny the last few lessons that I have had.  She is an amazing horse with a good temperament.  1st day of working with Sunny on the ground included a lot of loving on her.  Shana taught me how to get her to come to me and when Sunny did good she got loved on.  I found her sweet spot that makes her mouth go to town.  Sunny did really well and followed me around after a little work. 

On Saturday I decided to go see Sunny and work with her on my own.  Now that was a whole different story.  I couldn't get her to move.  It became frustrating for me and her.  I know she was trying to figure out what in the world I wanted but I was not doing a very good job telling her what I wanted.  I eventually gave up because I figured I was doing more harm than good and just loved on her. 

My next lesson, I got to work with her again.  I went and got her by myself, got a halter on her and walked with her.  I didn't realize I had an audience but as soon as I put the halter on her I heard Greg telling me how good I did with her. Yeah! I did something right on my own. 

Shana and I worked with her in the smaller corrals, making her turn and run circles.  Getting her to come to me and working on her right side.  Eventually we went into the arena and let her run in there.  It amazes me how graceful a horse is.  Sunny is quick and strong.  We worked on getting her to come to me from all the across the arena.  It took some work but she did really good when she figured out what we wanted from her. 

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