Monday, June 24, 2013

Baby Chicks

This spring we decided to get new baby chicks this year.  You can't just have one new one so we opted for 6 new chicks.  This would put our flock up to 10 chickens total.  Went to the farm store and picked out them out and gave them lady names 2 Americana's, June and Dorothy, 1 White Leg Horn, Betty White; 2 Black Wyandotte's, Ruby and Ethel; and 1 super cute bantam, Dolly.  Brought them home and let them live in the kitchen until they started stinking the place up.  Then they were officially kicked out to the chicken coop with a heat lamp. 

I absolutely love new chicks.  They are so adorable and entertaining trying to figure out everything.  We divided the chicken coop into 2 areas.  One for the full grown chickens and a section for the new baby chicks with their own outdoor area.  Watching them take a dirt bath for the first time was cracking me up.  It amazes me how they just know how to do it.  Helping each other get dirt on one another. 

The Chicks new home in the coop

The first night the chicks spent outside I was a nervous wreck.  I went out to check on them and noticed Dolly was all alone and not under the heat lamp.  When I picked her up she was cold so I decided to take her in the house and warm her up.  She wasn't making any noise and wouldn't move at all.  She is normally the noisy  one of the bunch, so I knew she was hurting.  I wrapped Dolly in a towel and let her sleep in my bed for half the night.  I think my husband thought I had lost my mind! But the next day she seemed to be so much better.  I let her stay in the house a few days longer before making her move out.  When she went outside for the second time it worked much better. 

Dolly warming up

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