Monday, November 4, 2013

My Backyard

I love my back yard.  When we moved into our house it was a blank slate... all dirt.  After the first winter I was in a hurry to get a yard in.  I was sick of dealing with the mud and dogs.  I enjoy doing yard work and got right to it.  I hired out the sprinklers, curbing and sod.  But other than that Rick and I have done everything ourselves. The landscapers thought we were crazy  not to put weed barrier and bark in all of the flower beds.  But I love that flowers spread and re-seed and get prettier every year.

Our house is currently for sale (hopefully sold)... and our backyard is one thing I'm definitely going to miss!  I enjoy the old trees that have been there longer than I have been alive.  I love that my chickens have some where to free range, I love the canal and hearing the sound of water running through our backyard.  The flowers are one of my favorite things, I love the colors and beauty they add.