Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Now that we have a mare we decided that we need another horse.  My husband is dead set that he has to have a gelding that he can name Darrell.  Go figure.  Darrell of all names.  I have been looking and keeping my eye out for a large gelding that is broke and well behaved.  We went and looked at one here but Rick was not impressed.  I found one to go look at in Park City, he's tall, black and broke.  We were going to go out on a Saturday, I called to make sure he was still available but nope, he had sold him the night before.  So the hunt for a gelding continues.

We looked at this horse (Photo courtesy of Facebook)

Being new to horses, I had one question for Shana about geldings... Is it going to be bad to put a mare and gelding together?  She said they should get a long just fine... but that's not what I meant.  I was wondering if putting a female and male in the same field would mean we would have baby horses to deal with... she kept a straight face but I think she wanted to laugh at me.  Keep in mind I'm horse dumb.  This is a big learning process for me but she informed me that a gelding is a "fixed" horse and that he won't be making babies with Sunny. Phewwwww! Good to know. 

I've been having a hard time finding a gelding around here.  There seems to be a lot of mares for sale but not nearly as many geldings.  I have found a lot of them on the Wasatch Front, but we can only go on the weekends and it seems like they are all sold before we can get out there to look at them.  The other problem is it is going to be Ricks horse so I feel like he needs to pick it out and because of his work schedule / play schedule we have a hard time making time to go look for a horse.

Hopefully this weekend we will get a chance to go check a few of them out.

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