Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Hunt for a Horse

After my 3rd lesson I knew I wanted a horse of my very own.  I started looking all over the Internet and asking anybody that I knew that had horses if they had any for sale.  I found a beauty of a horse on Facebook, but she was way out of my price range and in Colorado. 

This cowgirl business is expensive!  I opted to go look at a cheaper, older gelding here in town.  He was a nice horse but I had no connection with him. On a Sunday we decided to take a little road trip with the dogs to go see the horse in Colorado.  I met See Me and instantly fell in love with her.  Her coloring was beautiful, she was big and had a sweet temperament.  Only one problem she had pink pigment around her eyes and of course the hefty price tag that went with her.  Roxie, her owner, was a very nice lady.  I instantly clicked with her and knew she absolutely loved her horses.  See Me performed well, turned on a dime and even showed me how she likes to scratch her butt on a well worn tree.  I left Roxie's place knowing that I wanted that horse.  I spent all week contemplating if I could afford her.  I talked to the vet and he said the pink pigment gets sunburned easily and Uncle Gary said they go "snow blind" in the winter.  After a lot of thought I decided to pass on See Me.  Not going to lie I still want to buy her.

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