Monday, September 16, 2013

County Fair Horse Show

Shana keeps telling me she thinks I need to do horse shows.  To be completely honest, I have no idea what that entails.  I kept meaning to look it up on the internet but never did.  When she told me that I there was going to be a local one I decided to go check it out.

I recruited my Aunt Mary to go with me and off to the Western Park we went.  I was surprised not very many spectators there.  We watched Shana and Ally Beth compete.  Ally Beth takes lessons from Shana and this was her first show, she rode BJ.  Shana rode Tucker, Ally Beth's horse. 

I was intrigued and I decided I want to try this "Horse Show" thing out.

Ally Beth and Cute little Coleman on BJ
Shana did so good!  She took best of show (or something like that) on a horse that had never been in a horse show.  Pretty impressive if you ask me.  Ally Beth did really good too!  She got ribbons in almost every class.  And little Coleman even got a ribbon and candy for his class.  He was more excited about the candy than the ribbon though.

Now I'm going to start training for horse shows.  So excited!!

Friday, September 13, 2013


My parents have a few shares of water for all of there land and I talked them into/we decided to pursue irrigating the fields this year.  Only one problem, one of the neighbors built his house over the top of the ditches.  My Dad had talked to the neighbor which just happens to be the Chief of Police about the situation and  they we still needed to be able to get water to our fields.  After the conversation my Dad found the slope of the property and the only way it would work to get water to the culvert. 

A few nights later he took Rick over to show him where to put the ditch in order for the water to flow when neighbor comes out of his house roaring that we couldn't put a ditch back in.  Ohhhh bad idea.  With tempers flaring they fought it out.  I wish I would have been there to see this but it's probably a good thing I wasn't there or I would have been right in the middle.

After a few days, of what I'm assuming the neighbor researched his rights and our rights, we got the A-OK to go ahead and put a ditch in his yard.  Rick cleaned all the ditches out from the canal down to the fields and tested the water out to make sure it flowed correctly. 

We scheduled to have the water turned on a Thursday, I went up to my parents to make sure that everything worked like it was supposed to... I waited... and waited... and then Myrna from the water office called and informed me she forgot to put the order in.  We rescheduled for the next day and I met Jerry the ditch master at my parents house to go over the process.  We went up to the head gate and Jerry turned the water on at 1/2 foot for 6 hours.  Jerry is a sweet old man, he had a hard time getting down to the head gate.  He drove like a mad man on the dirt canal road. 

The water wasn't flowing correctly so I decided to get the tractor and see if I could fix the ditches.  I got the water to spread out a little more but I made a huge mess of the ditches.  Driving the tractor was so much fun I lost track of time and before you know it everyone was waiting for me to go out of town on a road trip to Colorado.

I left and went out of town.  When I got home I decided to go check on ditches and see how much I messed them up.  To my surprise the water was still running.  6 hours, 3 days... same difference, right?  I tried to turn the head gate off but it didn't work.  I called Rick and he came over and worked on the ditches while the water was running.  I'm jealous of his tractor skills.  He made it look so easy moving dirt and fixing the ditches.  We went up to the head gate and well silly me, I turned the head gate the wrong way.  No wonder it didn't turn off. 

A few days later Jerry called me to see how long we let the water run for.  I told him I waited for him to come turn it off because that's how I thought it worked.  So future reference we are in charge of turning the water off.  Good to know.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Junior Rodeo

Junior Rodeo Sunset

Sunset at the Junior Rodeo in Randelett.  Had a nice time watching Boston, my riding partner at lessons, compete.  She did awesome!  All the little kids at this rodeo could teach me a thing or two about riding horses! 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New chicks and old hens

I have upset the balance of my chicken coop.  This year I have added new hens to the coop.  I bought 6 chicks at one time, 2 another time, 3 another time and picked up 3 older hens.  The balance is off.  The old hens, Margo, Melva, Thelma and Sally do not like the new chicks.  I kept them all separate but close to each other until they were big enough to "defend" themselves.  I lost one Wyandotte when she was a chick, she got out of her cage and the older hens picked her to death.  I lost 2 Silkies within a week of when I brought them home. 

Now I have 15 chickens that want to kill each other on a daily basis.  4 separate flocks and 1 loner. Hope, a rather sweet chicken, has decided she wants nothing to do with the other chickens and now lives in my backyard away from the chicken jungle. 


Betty White has a battle wound the size of Texas but has a fit every time I isolate her from the other chickens. 

Margo is still naked.

Margo the Naked Chicken

Even my cute little Dolly gets in on the picking!

Dolly the Bantam

My 3 newest, littlest chicks, Roxie, Rosie and Olga stick to there own.  Rosie the cute little blue cochin protects Roxie the Silkie.

Roxie & Rosie, silkie and cochin

Its pure chaos in the chicken jungle and I really just wish they would all get along... I'm hoping in time they will all get along.  As for Hope, I think she is going to get her own little chicken coop, come winter she will hate living on the porch with no shelter.