Thursday, June 6, 2013

Back for more... lessons that is

Second Lesson

I think Shana was surprised to see me back for round 2. More grooming, more learning and finally the chance to ride a horse. When it came time for me to get on the horse I thought… how hard can this be? Shana showed me the correct way to get on and off; my first attempt did not go smoothly.  It’s a lot harder than it looks. The lesson didn't seem to last long enough and it seemed like as soon as I got on Holy Sam it was time to get off.  Once again I couldn't wait for my next lesson.

Third Horse Lesson

We got a different horse, B.J., out of the corrals and as we were walking over to the arena she was telling me a little about the horse.  He was a stud horse. As we were grooming him and prepping him to ride Shana’s husband came over and borrowed the horse.  He wanted to see if his mare was in heat.  Sure enough she was heat and B.J. got all sorts of excited.  I understand the saying, hung like a horse, now.  B.J. was way more interested in the mare outside than he was in being in the arena.  Shana kept showing him who was boss.  She kept making him work.  I was truly impressed by her riding skills and in complete awe of how she handled B.J.  At the moment I knew I wanted to be able to ride like that.  I was hooked.   I learned how the horse walks and had to count his steps.  Shana had the B.J. on a lead and had the reins tied above the saddle, but I was riding a horse. So fun! B.J. stepped on the reins and panicked. He ran off with me on top of him wondering what I am supposed to do. I leaned back a little and hoped he stopped before we ran into the fence. He did. Shana was so excited!  I guess I did everything correctly.  But my first question for her was… should I have been scared?  Because I was not scared at all, it was exciting. 

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