Monday, July 22, 2013

At war with my Chickens

I adore my chickens, but they are eating my flowers up like crazy.  I've been at war with my chickens all spring/summer.  I sit outside and spray them with the hose when they get close to my flowers.  They especially like my Hosta plants for some reason. 


I've had enough of them eating my flowers and decided that I needed a fence.  This way they can stay in the "jungle" and free range all they want with out eating my flowers.  I've thought of a fence since I first got my chickens 2 years ago but I decided that it was go time.  

I really wanted the old style chain link fence.  Which has a few names that it goes by, ornamental wire fencing, scalloped fencing, double looped fencing... But it is hard to find.  I scoured the internet looking for a good deal on some.  I finally found some through Hutchinson and even though its expensive I decided that I had to have it.  I opted for the easiest way possible to put it up, fence posts.  I spray painted the fence posts white and Rick put the fence up.

New fence and gate

I found the gate while I was on a bicycle ride along the canal.  It was buried in a trash pile and barely sticking out.  But I knew I had to have it.  The next day I went and got the Rhino and my Dad and went and picked it up.  I was glad my Dad went with me because it was heavier than I was expecting.  I love the fence.  I love the gate.  I love that it doesn't block the view but keeps the chickens out of my flowers.  I absolutely love it!  It turned out perfect!

Chicken Coop and Fence

My hosta's and flowers love it too!



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    1. Thanks Lacy! Missed you at Flea-o-logy the other day!