Tuesday, August 27, 2013


This week Shana is out of town, she told me to spend as much time with Sunny as I liked and to work on the things that we had already been working on.  Well on the first night I went up there I had the brilliant idea to put a saddle on Sunny.  I got Sunny out of the corrals and took her down by the arena.  I just thought to myself I will practice putting a saddle on Sunny.  So I helped myself to Shana's saddle and tack.  I put the saddle on, which takes me forever because I'm super slow.  Sunny didn't seem to mind.  I put her bridle and bit on and once again Sunny didn't seem to mind.

I decided to take Sunny in the arena.  No problems.  I then decided that I should get on Sunny.  Now keep in mind I've never rode without Shana being there and I've never rode Sunny other than when we laid her down and I got on her bare back.  So I just thought to myself, I will get on Sunny and then get back off.  So I went to get on her and off she went.  I lost the reins and she took off like a mad lady.  Running around like crazy and all I could do was watch. 

She eventually stopped, which I knew she would.  But she broke Shana's reins and even worse she scraped her leg up when she ran in to the fencing.  Crap-ola! I was busted.  I now have to fess up to Shana that A. I decided to try and ride Sunny when she wasn't here and B. I broke her reins (well Sunny did but its still my fault).  I feel like I'm ten again and have to tell on myself.

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