Sunday, August 18, 2013


Rick finally found a gelding that he had to have.  We are the proud new care takers of a beautiful gelding that Rick named Darrell.  Darrell's previous name was Rock Star Jo.  We found him in a town 30 minutes from us and went over to check him out.  I called the number on the listing and long story short I actually knew the guy.  I have been on a few Harley Rides with him and he is a really nice guy.  

Rick instantly wanted Darrell.  He is an 18 year old palomino paint.  Very calm and easy going.  We went back over the next day to get Darrell and take him for a Vet check.  He loaded right up in are tiny 2 horse trailer and off to the vet we went.  The vet gave him a good look over and OK'd him for purchase with a few things he warned us about.  Darrell needed his teeth floated, shoed and has a little arthritis.

Next stop we took him to Greg and Shana's to get there opinion.  Shana made him work and wasn't impressed by his age or bad manners.  Greg took him for a ride and said for what we are going to do with him he would work great.  Rick was so in love with him I don't think he could be swayed. 

So we took Darrell home.  I was worried for him for a few days... he was nervous and paced the fence line non stop.  He eventually stopped pacing.  Darrell seems to be happy in his new home.


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