Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New chicks and old hens

I have upset the balance of my chicken coop.  This year I have added new hens to the coop.  I bought 6 chicks at one time, 2 another time, 3 another time and picked up 3 older hens.  The balance is off.  The old hens, Margo, Melva, Thelma and Sally do not like the new chicks.  I kept them all separate but close to each other until they were big enough to "defend" themselves.  I lost one Wyandotte when she was a chick, she got out of her cage and the older hens picked her to death.  I lost 2 Silkies within a week of when I brought them home. 

Now I have 15 chickens that want to kill each other on a daily basis.  4 separate flocks and 1 loner. Hope, a rather sweet chicken, has decided she wants nothing to do with the other chickens and now lives in my backyard away from the chicken jungle. 


Betty White has a battle wound the size of Texas but has a fit every time I isolate her from the other chickens. 

Margo is still naked.

Margo the Naked Chicken

Even my cute little Dolly gets in on the picking!

Dolly the Bantam

My 3 newest, littlest chicks, Roxie, Rosie and Olga stick to there own.  Rosie the cute little blue cochin protects Roxie the Silkie.

Roxie & Rosie, silkie and cochin

Its pure chaos in the chicken jungle and I really just wish they would all get along... I'm hoping in time they will all get along.  As for Hope, I think she is going to get her own little chicken coop, come winter she will hate living on the porch with no shelter.

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