Friday, August 9, 2013

A mouse problem and a solution

The chicken coop has brought a mouse problem on in our yard.  I scream and run like a girl every time I see a mouse.  This past winter seemed to bring an even bigger problem and we had a whole mouse family living in the coop.  I tried to figure out how to get rid of the mice without getting the chickens.  No decon, don't want to poison the chickens.  Classic traps, afraid of the chickens getting caught.  We opted to try glue traps where the chickens couldn't get to them.  I was a nervous wreck that the chickens were going to get stuck in them.  It seemed to work but I'm just not a very good mouse catcher, hence the running and screaming part so catching them only seems to work when Rick is home and not out of town working. 

After I saw three mice in my window wells in one day we decided to get a cat.  Rick went and adopted a kitty.  Now I'm not so much a cat person or at least I didn't think I was. But, don't tell anyone, I love Miss Cleo.  She is adorable.  We put her in with the new chicks and ducks and watched to see how they would all react.  They seemed to like each other.  I went to check on them in the night and found all of them cuddled together.  So cute!

Miss Cleo the Cat
Miss Cleo, our newest addition

Miss Cleo the Cat
Miss Cleo roaming the yard

Miss Cleo the Cat
How could anyone not like this cute little face!


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