Wednesday, May 22, 2013


A few years back we decided to get chickens.  This would be our first adventure of my want to be farm girl life.  My husband built a chicken coop, but at this point I was not totally committed.  I made him make a coop that we could use as a shed if the chicken adventure did not work out.  We went to the local farm store and picked out 6 tiny chicks.  The chicks were adorable and like any proud chicken farmer I decided they each need a name.  I opted for lady names and hoped we didn’t get any roosters.  I introduced Margo, Thelma, Melva, Lola, Sally and Darla to the world. 

Chicken Coop

I enjoyed watching my baby chicks grow into chickens and develop personalities.  Yes they all have personalities.  Margo follows me around and lets me pick her up.  Lola and Sally, well that’s a story for another time.  They all come to the sound of a chip bag ruffling since I have fed them stale chips from day one.  Since I did not know one thing about raising chickens it has been quite the experience.  I bother the guys at the local farm store on a real regular basis and scour the Internet for answers to the many questions I still continue to have.  I really think the guys at the farm store run when they see me coming.  Thank goodness for the awesome forum on backyard chickens and the guys at IFA, both have helped me answer a ton of questions. 

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